Design Instruct was launched on January 26, 2010 as a bootstrapped Web startup by Six Revisions Founder, Jacob Gube and Photographer, Isaac Gube.

With a mission to keep creative minds informed, interested, and inspired, Design Instruct exists today as a regularly updated web magazine that caters to designers and digital artists who value continuing education and the open sharing of ideas. We publish high-quality tutorials and articles written by some of the best designers and digital artists from around the world.

Welcome to Design Instruct!

The People Behind Design Instruct

Isaac Gube is a Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Design Instruct. He is a photographer and an artist. You can email him directly at or connect with him on Twitter @Ikegube and on Instagram @Ikegube.

Jacob Gube is a Co-Founder and the Managing Editor of Design Instruct.Apart from his duties at Design Instruct, he is also a web developer/web designer, a book author, and the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Six Revisions, another one of the team’s websites. You can contact him directly at and catch him on Twitter at @sixrevisions.

Contributors and Writers

Design Instruct is made possible by all of the designers and artists who love to share their insights and views to the Design Instruct community. Many of our contributors are leaders in their respective creative fields and have been recognized internationally for their great work in various industry publications.

Connect with Design Instruct

Here are various ways to stay connected with Design Instruct:

Write for Us

We’re always in search of talented artists looking to write exceptional tutorials and articles on design and digital art. If you you’re working on something great or would like to write for Design Instruct, visit our submissions page or email us directly at