Error messages and computer prompts are a daily occurrence in this digitally saturated world of ours. But what if they happened beyond the four corners of our computer screens?

Victoria Siemer’s series entitled “Human Error,” is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek — yet evocative —  look at the moments of our lives when we wish we could be more machine-like. Victoria Seimer’s series tackles heartbreak,  heart ache, loss, trust, and basically all the sad parts of our days.

The photos are made to look like old-school Polaroid pictures overlayed with familiar looking “error” messages and reminders prompting us to “close,” “cancel,” or “delete” our most human tendencies. In this sense, the “Human Error” series is a sort of intimation to the fact that while we do live in a lightning-quick digital world with clearly defined buttons and prompts, the complexity of our lives doesn’t always lend itself to a simple click or keystroke.

We’re really excited about Victoria Siemer’s work and can’t wait to see more!

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