Talent is the word we use to describe skills that people possess that we can’t imagine having ourselves. It’s something special and it’s something that probably took a lot of work to develop but nonetheless magical.

We learned of Kim Jung Gi’s work a few years ago and for some reason we never got to share it here on Design Instruct.

Kim Jung Gi is a well-known illustrator from South Korea and works with┬ásome high profile clients often creating large, detailed scenes, straight from his imagination. His use of perspective and his keen sense of scale is impressive considering he doesn’t use any visual references (i.e. grids or photographs or any visual cues). Watching his work unfold is truly a pleasure to behold. Luckily, he takes time lapse videos of himself to show everyone how he does it.

Here’s a collection of some time-lapse videos of some of our favorite pieces of his.

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