Content and Editorial Policies

Design Instruct has one mission: We publish useful, high-quality content that people interested in design will appreciate.

In order to uphold our publication’s mission, the editors of Design Instruct have decided that the following statements must be followed and must be publicly accessible to anyone who visits our site.

What Design Instruct Loves Publishing

  • Useful, relevant, high-quality content: These are articles, tutorials, news, showcases, videos, links, infographics, images, giveaways, and other forms of online content that provide relevant, useful, and valuable information to our readers.
  • Accurate and factual content: We make it a priority to verify the validity and accuracy of all information presented as fact. We strongly encourage our contributing authors to link to trustworthy, reputable external websites in order to support the information they share to our readers. In cases where we discover factual errors, we make it a priority to correct them.
  • Well-formed opinions: These are an author’s own ideas that may or may not be in-line with commonly-held principles. Opinions must be presented well, must contain logical arguments, and must be defended intelligently. The author’s opinions must be easily distinguishable from facts; opinions should never be presented as facts.

What Design Instruct Doesn’t Publish

  • Hate content and destructive content: These are forms of content that campaign against a person, organization, or group (e.g. political affiliation, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, age) or advocate unlawful behavior (e.g., theft and violence).
  • Advertorials: Design Instruct does not publish advertisements that deceptively pose as regular articles. Advertorials are commonly written with the intent to market and promote a person, organization, brand, website, etc. and will often contain biased information.
  • Paid guest post placements: These are posts submitted by people and organizations who have the intention of paying Design Instruct with money or gifts in exchange of publishing the content they have written. Typically these paid guest post placements will contain advertisements and other promotional content (e.g. a review of the product the prospective contributing author is promoting).
  • Press releases: Design Instruct editors occasionally read press releases to keep ourselves informed, but we will never publish them.
  • Problematic hyperlinks: We remove or edit low-quality links, broken links, keyword-rich links that are intended to improve another domain’s search engine rankings, spammy links, irrelevant links, and other types of problematic links before and after the content’s publication. We’re only human, so we might not be able to catch these problematic hyperlinks right away. In cases where we are able to identify problematic links in our content after it has been published, we will edit them, remove them or add a rel=”nofollow” attribute to them.
  • Content that has a conflict of interest: This means Design Instruct will not publish an article written by a person or organization about themselves (e.g. a review of their product or service that they have written themselves.) An exception is when mentioning the author’s company is relevant to the subject being discussed and when the conflict of interest is fully disclosed to the readers (e.g. “At MyWebDesign Inc., the company I own, we use the Getting Real philosophy to get results…”).
  • Content that violates online content standards and best practices such as Webmaster Guidelines will not be published by Design Instruct.

Hyperlinks in Content

Each text link published in our site is evaluated under these factors:

  • Usefulness and relevance: The hyperlink must add value to the content’s subject. For example, the hyperlink goes to a relevant and reputable reference page.
  • Quality: The URLs of hyperlinks must point to reputable domains. We will verify the quality of all URLs manually as well as by leveraging tools such as TrustedSource, The Plagiarism Checker, and more.
  • Conflict of interest: Hyperlinks must not point to websites and pages the author and editor is promoting. An exception is when the hyperlink is useful to the discussion. In this case, the author must fully disclose his or her relationship to the link before presenting the link (e.g., “Full disclosure: I’m the CEO of the company that I am linking to.”)

Editorial Rights

By submitting content to Design Instruct for publication on the site, you give Design Instruct editors and other Design Instruct employees the ability to:

  • Edit the submitted content in any way we deem appropriate in order to maintain our content and editorial guidelines before and after its publication.
  • Exclusively and indefinitely publish the submitted content. This means that the content you submit to us will not be published in other websites, including your own website/s, and that you are giving Design Instruct the perpetual ability to keep the submitted content published on

User-generated Comments

All the policies stated in this web page apply to user-generated comments.


  • Design Instruct will never publish text link ads. Text link ads are hyperlinks that are provided by prospective individuals or companies to be published on a website in exchange of payment. Typically these text link ads are intended to artificially improve the target site’s search engine rankings.
  • Design Instruct does publish image-based ad banners throughout the site. These image-based ads are administered exclusively by BuySellAds. These image-based ads  are labelled and/or clearly presented as advertisement..
  • We will not display site ads outside of the BuySellAds platform.

Affiliate Programs

  • Design Instruct participates in this affiliate program: Associates.
  • Design Instruct only includes affiliate links to highlight products and services we believe in; products and services that we either already own and use, or would like to own and use ourselves.
  • Design Instruct will not publish affiliate links outside of Associates.

Policy Enforcement

We will follow these policies to the best of our abilities.

We kindly request that our readers to hold us accountable whenever they discover policy violations within Please contact us whenever you discover anything on this website that violates our content and editorial policies. We thank you in advance for doing so!

This is a living document, and we will update this web page whenever we find opportunities to improve our policies for the benefit of Design Instruct readers.

Last updated: May 20, 2014