We recently ran a giveaway of five "Small Team" licenses, each priced at $119.95 with our friends at PowerMockup. The Microsoft PowerPoint add-in turns PowerPoint into a design tool for sketching wireframe models of websites, web apps and desktop applications. We had a good amount of Design Instruct readers participate in the giveaway, and in this post, we reveal the five lucky winners among them.

The Winners

The winners of "Small Team" PowerMockup licenses are:

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Congratulations to all the winners! You should have already received an email containing information about your prize.

About PowerMockup

PowerMockup is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that helps you sketch mockups of websites and applications; it provides a rich set of user interface elements (buttons, text boxes, navigation bars, etc.) that make prototyping new designs a matter of a few clicks.

The major advantage of using PowerPoint as a mockup tool is its ubiquity: almost everyone has it and knows how to use it. It provides a common design environment that bridges the gap between business users and developers.

Example of wireframing a project management software app using PowerMockup.

Learn more about PowerMockup by checking out their Details page and checking out their pricing plans.


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