The UX team at MailChimp has a terrific email newsletter about design and UX that you should subscribe to: The UX Newsletter.

UX Newsletter home page

The UX Newsletter shares stories and tips about research, design and development written by MailChimp’s User Experience team. For example, Issue 9, titled "Patterns", is about the importance and benefits of using pattern libraries.

Each newsletter issue ends with some UX-related links from around the Web, which is exceptionally useful for finding even more awesome design content.

The newsletter goes out twice a month, and they’re already in their 18th issue right now.

All the issues are archived online on their site so you can check out past issues to get a preview of what’s in store for you, as well as to catch up on all the issues you’ve already missed.


Jacob Gube is the co-founder of Design Instruct. Join him on Twitter @sixrevisions