We’ve compiled lists of stock photography websites before but it seems the internet just keeps making more. Here are some more stock photo websites we like.

Finding the right visuals  for your project can be a pain. Thankfully, the people of the internet and the photographers of the world are graciously sharing their photos with everyone to make it a little easier.

How Do We Pick Which Collections to Include in These Lists?

  1. The photos in your collections have to be free. That means FREE. We don’t mess with that “pay-with-a-tweet” or “pay-with-a-like” nonsense. Public Domain. CCO licenses.
  2. The photos in your collection are something we would use ourselves.

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Without further ado, here are the new stock photography websites we like.



A good selection of high quality images. The collection is small but well worth a look because of some real gems.



All photos in this collection were taken by the site’s owner, Martin Vorel and graciously given Public Domain license so you are free to use them any way you’d like. The collection offers a variety of subject matter and is searchable.

Negative Space


This collection offers a variety of subject matter and are all under the CC0 license.

Fancy Crave


Fancy Crave adds two photos to their collection every day ensuring that the collection stays fresh.

Brain & Storm


Perhaps one of the most interesting entries to this list, Brain & Storm isn’t a stock photography website perse but rather, a blog devoted to content rich in visuals in the interest of inspiring learning and curiosity. Their “Visuals” section contains some interesting photos under the CC0 license.

Media Bakery Moments


Media Bakery Moments adds 20 new photos every 2 weeks. So far their collection offers some pretty interesting photography and definitely worth a look.

Smithsonian Institution Flickr Photostream


The Smithsonian Flickr photostream contains just a small fraction of the images donated to the Smithsonian’s archives. The collection is quite impressive with a wide variety of subjects and interesting imagery like the photo above.

Bonus: Visual Hunt


More of a image search engine, Visual Hunt can be used to find stock photography with CC0 and Public Domain Licenses. They claim to be able to find over 62,000 CC0 images so there’s definitely no shortage of possibilities here.



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