Yes, you can create beautiful, fully-featured websites and web apps without knowing how to code. Whether you’d like to finally launch your business website, online portfolio, photo gallery site, or any sort of site, Simbla will help you get the job done.

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What is Simbla? It’s a website builder that makes designing and launching your site simple. It’s a platform for creating modern, world-class, responsive sites and web apps.

Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface empowers you with the ability to create websites without any programming skills.

Simbla will even host your site for you, so you don’t have to deal with setting up a website hosting service.

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What follows are some of the outstanding things Simbla offers.

Extreme User-Friendliness

Using Simbla is an exceptionally straightforward affair. There’s an abundance of inline help information and tips that ensure you’re never lost at any point in the process of creating your website.

The website builder even has a step-by-step walkthrough for creating websites, and all you have to do is follow along until you complete the essential parts of your site.

An example of a simble walkthrough/wizard interface.

Designing your web pages is simple: You just drag content blocks — which are widgets of content such as web forms, image galleries, navigation menus, and so forth — to a section of the page you’re currently working on.

Drag-and-drop interface displaying a gallery content block.

You can customize your content blocks just by clicking on an item on the page and then clicking "Edit". This will open a window for customizing the item. Like I promised, no programming involved.

Image Selection and editing dialog window.

Simbla is a web-based application, which means all you need is a web browser. You won’t have to download, install, and learn any special software.

Beautiful Website Templates

You can approach the creation of your site one of two ways:

  • You can design your site completely from scratch.
  • You can use one of Simbla’s awesome website templates and then customize it to your heart’s desire.

Some of the website templates that Simbla offers its users.

Simbla has a lot of amazing site templates to choose from, and if you’re concerned about time efficiency, using one of them as the starting point of your web design is an excellent idea.

Build Web Apps

With Simbla, you can also build database-driven web applications without knowing any programming language. They have a web application builder and database builder that allow you to develop your web app via a visual interface.

Check out this video that shows an example web app (a travel app) built using Simbla. The demo shows the creation of a dynamic database-driven app that has user account management capabilities — a feature that typically requires programming.

Learn more about Simbla’s web application builder.

Modern Web Technologies and Techniques

Simbla gives your site access to the latest and greatest Web technologies, techniques, and methodologies such as:

  • Responsive design
  • Contemporary SEO best practices
  • Information security audits and testing
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Bootstrap web development framework

You don’t have to do anything to take advantage of these things; they come standard on all websites built with Simbla.

Create Your Site for Free

You can create sites on Simbla at no cost. Simbla’s free subscription plan gives you 300MB of storage and bandwidth and a Simbla domain name. No credit card or commitments are required. (See other subscription plans here.)

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Jacob Gube is the co-founder of Design Instruct. Join him on Twitter @sixrevisions