There are people who sketch/doodle in the margins of their notebooks and there are those who illustrate. This collection is about the latter. Below you’ll find some of the most exciting illustrators and artists we’ve come across recently. Discovering the works of amazingly talented people, like those featured in this collection, makes our job at Design Instruct infinitely pleasurable, and we’re glad we get to share that with you.

Hope you guys enjoy the following showcase, and please visit the artists’ portfolios and websites!

Hyungho Lee

"Do Like You Lolly"


Yukari Terakado



David Vicente

"Old school kustom car"

"Poster Rattle’n’Roll 2011"

Alexandra Dolgopolova

"Krug 1"

"Krug 2"

I Wayan Krishnanda Adipurba



Ruslan Khasanov

"James Dean"

"Laura Palmer"

Varvara Oboznaya



Paul Clay

"Julia OH"



Matt Byle

"Ice Cream Man"

"Day Dreamin"


Eko Pratomo



Wet Black Ghost



Hanna Edghill

"Hyper Island Application"

"The Parsons Challenge"


Fernando Volken Togni



"Orange and Turquoise Energies"

Sigur├░ur Oddsson



"Iceland Airwaves"

Samantha Schmitz

"Moon Bloom"

"Princess of Solitude"

"Divine Ectoplasm"

Jeff Baghai


"Mr. Glass"


"Nocturnal Thirst…"

"Home Disturbing Home"

"Let it All Out"

"Cry Me a River"

Grzesiek Wr├│blewski

"Why Do These Angels Fall…"




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