I’ve always loved illustrators and the work they do. Illustrations are the perfect blend of the artist’s conception and their technical skill to create a wholly unique piece of work. There’s a certain purity about illustration that I can’t help but admire. In fact, whenever I look at the work of tremendously talented illustrators, I always get the urge to reach for my sketchbook and start something of my own.

Below is a collection of amazing illustrations that have caught our eye recently. They offer a mix of mediums and techniques that we just love. Hope you enjoy!

Anne Helene Nergard

Neil Hanvey


Kate Mazikins

Andre Preis

Elena Cabitza

Marta Spendowska

Deprived Anxiety

Michael Molloy

Gabriel Moreno

If you have some illustrations you’d like to share or if would like to share the work of some illustrators whose work you admire, please do so in the comments section! We love discovering great work!


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