In the last decade or so, illustrators and designers have slowly adapted to digital workflows. Illustrators now compose, ink, and color their works on a computer. Not for artist, Fudearashi.

Japanese illustrator, Fudearashi, uses fine liners and alcohol-based art markers to create incredibly colorful illustrations. Her work is very detailed and intricate making her choice of tools even more impressive.

Art markers (i.e. Copic, Prismacolor, Letraset, etc.) are often used in technical drawing, concept art, and design. Often, an artist using art makers is able to produce great results quickly without having to illustrate and color their work digitally. However, this makes art markers very challenging to work with since mistakes are very difficult — if at all possible — to correct. It takes a good amount of confidence and skill to work with art markers in order to achieve results such as those produced by Fudearashi.

Judging by Fudearashi’s illustrations, she’s got those qualities and then some. She masterfully blends colors and creates color gradients that are impossible to replicate digitally making her work truly unique and a pleasure to behold.

We can’t wait to see more of Fudearashi’s work. Show her some love by visiting her Deviantart page and like her Facebook page for more updates!











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