Using plenty of colors in a web design can lead to one that’s unpleasant to the eyes. But when executed well, a big bevy of colors can garner attention and create a fresh and lively design theme. This collection features notable web designs that are brimming with color.

1. Carbonmade


2. MailChimp

3. Atlas

4. Spoon

5. HTML5 Lab

6. Colourpixel

7. FreeAgent Depot

8. AdPacks

9. Amazee Labs

10. WVA

11. Alex Buga

12. Chirp

13. HippoApp

14. Ryan Keiser


16. Inservio

17. TangledDecals

18. OrangeYouGlad


20. Web Designer Wall

21. Polecat

22. FeedStitch

23. Miki Mottes

24. Huxley Prairie Festival

25. You Know Who

26. TNVacation

27. Creative Mints

28. Sibling Rivalry

29. Flourish

30. Aussie BBQ Legends


Jacob Gube is the co-founder and a managing editor of Design Instruct. He's a web developer, and also the owner of Six Revisions. Follow Jacob on Twitter: @sixrevisions