Using repeating, tiled patterns as a background in a web page layout is a popular design technique. When done well, using background patterns can make a web design look sophisticated, intricate and memorable. In this visual inspiration collection, you’ll see 30 websites that use a variety of beautiful background patterns (e.g. diagonal stripes, cross-hatching, dots and so on).

1. iconSweets 2

iconSweets 2

2. Loysel’s Toy

Loysel's Toy

3. Redefine Sydney

Redefine Sydney

4. Galpin Industries

Galpin Industries

5. Cake Sweet Cake

Cake Sweet Cake

6. Burciaga


7. Playground


8. Sunday Best Websites

Sunday Best Websites

9. Hollister Co.

Hollister Co.

10. Pop The Box

Pop The Box

11. Visual Republic

Visual Republic

12. perkins CSS3 LESS Framework

perkins CSS3 LESS Framework

13. The Crazy Love Campaign

The Crazy Love Campaign

14. Creature Tales

Creature Tales

15. Squared Eye

Squared Eye

16. Idyllic Creative

Idyllic Creative

17. Sullivan NYC

Sullivan NYC

18. Mind Epic

Mind Epic



20. Tobias Persson

Tobias Persson

21. Moo’s


22. wakWAW



24. Tapp3 Media

Tapp3 Media

25. Island Creek Oyster Bar

Island Creek Oyster Bar

26. Electric Pulp

Electric Pulp

27. Bzzy App

Bzzy App

28. Humaan


29. AdPacks


30. Album Art Collection

Album Art Collection

Pattern Tutorials and Guides

If you’d like to learn how to create and apply repeating patterns in your work, you should check out these tutorials and resources.


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