Using repeating background patterns as a web design element can result in a unique look and feel. Background patterns can add intricacy, complexity and visual variety to any web design. This collection is a follow-up to the visual inspiration showcase we previously published called Background Patterns in Web Design: 30 Beautiful Examples (please check it out as well for 30 additional excellent examples).

1. Print Mor

Print Mor

2. Alfred App

Alfred App

3. Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab

4. Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson

5. Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards

6. Sarah Longnecker

Sarah Longnecker

7. Shelly Cooper Design

Shelly Cooper Design

8. Scribble & Tweak

Scribble & Tweak

9. Hungarian Wine Society

10. Rareview

11. Pointless Corp

12. Fixel

13. StruckAxiom

14. Cuban Council

15. Paravel

16. Burciaga

17. Brave Nu Digital

18. Zap! Media

19. McKinney

20. Hush Studios, Inc.

21. enjoythis


23. Mark Dearman

24. EEHarbor

25. Studio Nudge

26. AppVita

27. kovidesign

28. vnsaga

29. Marc Mendell

30. Emtwo


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